Call for papers: social studies of finance and accounting

February 22, 2007

The journal Accounting, Organizations and Society is planning to do a special section on social studies of finance and accounting. The deadline for submitting contributions is August 15, 2007.

The title of the section is: Tracking the numbers: Across accounting and finance, organizations, markets and cultures, models and realities. Here’s the editor’s description:

Studies of finance and those of accounting as social and institutional practice are united by an interest in analyzing social settings, organizations, cultures, markets and institutions characterized by a high frequency of circulating numbers. Across these fields and the associated scientific disciplines, a remarkable number of researchers has by now become engaged in investigating how the use of numbers and various social settings co-develop, change or persist. While interdisciplinary research in accounting has largely focussed on organized settings of calculative practice, the employment of numbers in programmes and technologies of government, and the respective roles of accounting professionals, social studies of finance have been more concerned with exploring the construction of markets and market cultures, and the role of numbers and calculations in bringing about these constructions has mostly been a more implicit analytical issue. Perhaps such differences are part of the reason why correspondence across social studies of finance and interdisciplinary research in accounting has remained regrettably limited.

AOS, as the journal is known, is published in England and read internationally. It has led the growth in the literature on “critical accounting,” as well as published research at the intersection of accounting and organization theory.

Papers can be submitted either by e-mail
( or by post to:

Hendrik Vollmer
Universitaet Bielefeld
Fakultaet fuer Soziologie
Postfach 100131
33501 Bielefeld


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