Panel on Social Studies of Finance at the 4S Meeting, Montreal

June 5, 2007

David Martin has organized a very remarkable panel titled “Ways of Performing Finance” at the 2007 annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science. The session will take place on saturday October 13th.

The papers are the following:

“Distributed Calculation: Artifacts for Deliberation in the Capital Markets,” by Daniel Beunza and David Stark (Columbia Business School / Center on Organizational Innovation)

“Making Corporate Social Responsibility Calculable and Legitimate on Financial Markets: The Social Construction of Socially Responsible Investment in France” Jean-Pascal Gond (Nottingham U)

“Governing global banking organizations: On the significance of organizational knowledge in regulatory practices” Matthias Kussin (U Bielefeld)

“Mutual Legitimization Process of ‘Market’ and ‘Theory’: the example of Volatility Forecasting” David Martin (U Toulouse-France)

“Making stock pricing methods performative: the everyday logics of interaction of professionals in contemporary finance.”
Horacio Ortiz (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)

“Moral Behavior in Stock Markets is Shaped by Mandates and Market Structure” Aaron Pitluck (Illinois State U)

“How to be Fair in Finance? Knowledging Actuarial” Ine Van Hoyweghen (U Maastricht)

“Fairness in the Insurance and Reinsurance Business” Jacques-Olivier Charron (CNAM/LIPSO)

“What’s the market wage? How compensation surveys give form to the financial labor market” Olivier Godechot (Centre Maurice Halbwachs-CNRS/ENS/CEE)

“Comparative study of credit scoring in the USA and France” Martha Poon (UC-San Diego / CSI-Ecole des Mines de Paris)

The gathering is remarkable, I believe, for the diversity of its participants. It comes to show the strength of the performativity agenda, especially in the European intellectual space.

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