Does STS Mean Business?

June 8, 2007

One of the more interesting developments in the Social Studies of Finance is the extensions of its methods and approaches to other business phenomena. Just as SSF examines the practice, technology and content of the financial value claims, a growing literature is addresses with similar questions in marketing, strategy, etc.

An interesting panel session, organized by Catelijne Coopmans and Elena Simakova at the 2007 Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia is concerned with this question. The meeting, part of the Professional Development Workshop programs is titled, “Does STS Mean Business? Interdisciplinary engagement as a source of theoretical innovation” and will have the presence of Raghu Garud, Peter Groenewegen, Peter Karnoe, Christian Licoppe, Eamonn Molloy, Wanda Orlikowski, Marc Ventresca and Ragna Zeiss (as well as myself, Daniel Beunza).

According to the organizers

This workshop addresses the opportunities and challenges arising from the interaction between organization and management studies on the one hand, and science and technology studies (STS) on the other. Taking up the theme of this year’s conference, we observe that STS concepts and scholars are arguably ‘doing well’ in the management arena, but what does it mean for them to do ‘good’? The contributions to this workshop offer various perspectives on (1) what a valuable engagement between organization and management studies and STS looks like, and (2) what such an engagement contributes to existing knowledge and ways of doing research. Potential tensions between being useful and being critical are thereby high on the agenda. The workshop also addresses possible implications of how the engagement between management studies and STS is being framed.

It will take place on Saturday August 4 2007, 9am-12pm at Philadelphia Marriott in Franklin 3. No registration required. For a detailed program, click on: Does STS Mean Business? Program


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