Market Devices – book launch

November 26, 2007

For our readers who are (or may be) in the London area in early December.

The Accounting Department at the London School of Economics is holding a
book launch event to celebrate the publication of “Market Devices” (Blackwell publications).

In this celebratory event there will be a welcome and introduction by Prof. Peter Miller, head of the Accounting Department, LSE and Dr. Andrew Barry from
the School of Geography at the University of Oxford will present the
book. In addition, the editors of the volume, Michel Callon, Yuval Millo and Fabian Muniesa will be present. So, an open and informal discussion about the issues raised in the volume is encouraged.

The book launch event will take place between 5:30 and 7:00 in room A319 (third floor, Main Building of the London School of Economics).



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