Latour vs. Britney on Canadian Radio

May 8, 2008

A recommendation from Alison Kemper

“There is a wonderful set of CBC radio broadcasts on social studies of science that has been going on for months. There are podcasts on this site. Imagine having Latour on the radio instead of Britney!”


3 Responses to “Latour vs. Britney on Canadian Radio”

  1. Says:

    It’s a very well produced series. Each episode cuts to the heart of the major projects of Shapin, Latour, Pickering, Wynne (highly recommended), Lewontin et al in a very accessible manner. Jargon is well explained eg. Pickering’s ‘Mangle of Practice’ and major texts (Leviathan/Air Pump, Never Been Modern) given plenty of airtime.

    Now, test the hypothesis that Latour is making headway into Britney’s market …

  2. Alison Kemper Says:

    I am sure that the programme doesn’t get the biggest listenership in Canada. Its existence says two things: 1) these issues are of widespread significance and have an impact on our lives, and 2) ordinary people can understand this stuff–it’s not too weird or esoteric.

    I don’t think this is the worst of Britney’s worries, though.

  3. typewritten Says:

    Simon Schaffer rules.

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