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June 30, 2008

A new blog about the connection between STS and ontology, focusing on the workshop Daniel described.


Tom Wolfe is thinking that it’s the ‘end of capitalism as we know it’. The story is a bit confused, but so are financial markets these days.


I was looking through the programme of the next 4S conference (Society for the Social Studies of Science) and there were a lot of financial market-related papers. Many of them, as expected, will be given by people who are close to, or part of, SSF, but not exclusively:

  • Assembling the hybrid client: making banking markets by matching profile with person (Zsuzsanna Vargha, Columbia University)
  • Marketization of climate change: contesting the performativity of Economics (Anders Blok, Copenhagen University)

[at the same session Rita Samiolo will also be presenting. I know the paper and I think that it’s a very good ANT story – although Rita may not agree with this definition – so, it’s highly recommended]

  • Markets as Simulations: Economic Theory and Market Design in the Restructured Electricity Industry (Daniel Breslau, Virginia Tech)
  • Towards a Material Sociology of Markets (Organized by Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, Donald Mackenzie and Anita Engles)
  • Dealing with emission allowances: How companies learn the fundamentals of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (Anita Engels, University of Hamburg)
  • Making Things the Same: Gases, Emission Rights and the Politics of Carbon Markets (Donald MacKenzie, University of Edinburgh)
  • A market of EPIC proportions: finance (re)configured in the London Stock Exchange (Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, University of Edinburgh)
  • Weather matters: thermometers, equations and models in weather derivatives trading (Samuel Randalls, University College London)
  • The awkward materiality of housing markets (Susan J Smith, University of Durham)
  • From New Deal Institutions to Capital Markets: Commercial consumer risk scores and the making of the U.S. subprime mortgage market (Martha Poon, University of California San Diego – yes, the very same one!)

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