Social studies of finance events at the ASA conference

July 30, 2008

For those of you going to the American Sociological Association meeting in Boston this weekend, I’d like to highlight a session and an event. The session is titled “How do Anonymous Markets Work?” All but one of the papers are on the sociology of finance:

“The Social Production of Anonymity in Markets.” Aaron Z. Pitluck.
“The Emergence of Generalized Reciprocity.” Sheen S. Levine and Wayne E. Baker.
“What Does it Mean to Say that Financial Markets are Embedded?” Philip Roscoe.
“Brief Encounters: Economic Action and the Interaction Order of Anonymous Electronic Markets.” Alexandru Preda.

The session is organized by Alya Guseva, the president is Yuval Millo, and I’ll be the discussant.

Immediately after, Yuval and I will be hosting an informal drinks event for everyone interested in the Social Studies of Finance. Sunday, August 3rd, at the the bar of the lobby of the Sheraton, the “SideBar” at 6.30 pm.

Finally, a reminder of another interesting panel session on finance at the Academy of Management in the following week. “Market Devices: Understanding the Underbelly of Financial Markets.” Monday, August 11, 10:40AM – 12:00PM Anaheim Marriott, Grand Ballroom – Salon F. See here for a longer description.

For those interested in meeting other management academics in the Social Studies of Finance, Yuval and I will be hosting yet another informal gathering at the “Degrees Wine and Patio Bar” at 5.30 in the Anaheim Marriott. This time, by the pool.

Click here for more SSF-related papers at the ASA

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