Economic sociology and violence: call for papers

August 27, 2008

People working in the area of Social Studies of Finance have been blamed many times of being ‘too French’, whatever that may mean (…I supposed that it refers to the close intellectual ties between SSF and Actor-Network-Theory and, to a lesser degree, the economics of conventions). So, we are doing what many minority groups do: we take the insults and wear them as a badge of honour. We [heart] French sociology. PS – I did not forget my promise to write a post about the AoM sessions.

3rd Congress of the French Sociological Association
“Violence and Society”
Paris, 14-17 April 2009

“Economic sociology” Working Group
Call for papers

Sociologists have dealt with the relationship between economy and violence in different ways.
On the one hand, market competition can be seen as a form of pacification of conflicts. On the
other hand, some sociologists underline that individuals establish market relations only if they
are forced to do so.

If those two scientific traditions seem contradictory, it may be because they do not share the
same understanding of the words “violence” and “economy”. Violence refers to power relations
among social actors, as well as verbal abuse or physical violence (interaction between
individuals, war, etc.). Likewise, economy can point only to the market itself, or to more global
forms of organization of economic relations.

The topic of the 3rd Congress of the French Sociological Association, “Violence and Society”,
is a good opportunity to study the relations between violence and economy. Furthermore, it
seems necessary to seize the various forms of violence, and to underline the specificity of an
economic sociology approach.

Contributors may study various issues, power relations in market transactions, informal
economy, “illegitimate” markets (drugs, mafia, corruption). Studies on markets where
violence is the object of the transaction itself (private security, video games, combative
sports) are also welcome.

While French economic sociology has focused on concepts or topics such as the social
construction of markets, exchange and gift, social networks, judgment, market devices or
entrepreneurship, one may ask if the question of violence applies to those issues, and if it
does, in which way. Organizers will also accept papers on violence in labor relations (organizations, firms),
and links between economy and politics.

Finally, violence can be a matter of qualification. Contributors may therefore send proposals
about the shifting boundary between “regular” economic exchanges and violence.

Proposals must be sent by e-mail ( Deadline : 30 September 2008.
Maximum 1 000 words. Please include a paper title, author’s name and affiliation, and email
address.The languages of the congress (papers and oral presentations) are French and English.

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    Dates of the SASE meeting in Paris also available now from SASE’s website:

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