How fashion meets finance… and why.

January 15, 2009

There’s a ‘Fashion Meets Finance‘ mixer in New York planned for January 22 where the ‘women’ of the fashion industry are intended to mix with the ‘men’ of the banking industry (who apparently still make more than guys in advertising).

The invitation to Wall Street starts like this: “Life may be tough, and your industry might be crumbling, but what you need to realize is that the implications of this crisis for the rest of New York society are even more intense. You Bankers are the core of our ecosystem, the top of the food chain. And when there are less lions hunting, the natural balance is destroyed and next thing you know advertising guys are picking up tens at 1Oak buying drinks from the bar. Pathetic. Without you, there’s chaos, and hot women don’t know where to turn. In the next year there will be too many hot girls that were supposed to marry bankers making the life-long decision to settle with consultants, accountants, and lawyers? Its unnatural and unfair.”

Check out the ‘who’s coming‘ section where participants state their salaries and post photos. Of ethnographic interest, anyone…?

5 Responses to “How fashion meets finance… and why.”

  1. typewritten Says:

    This really turns Pierre Klossowski’s _La Monnaie Vivante_ (“The Living Currency”) into the pivotal reference for the understanding of contemporary finance.

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  3. danielbeunza Says:

    An “interesting” event that I won’t be going to. This comes to prove that, yes, the bankers go on dating events too. What is interesting about the text is how obviously it tries to speak to an oversimplified and almost infantile stereotype of Master of the Universe. This can be only due to two reasons. One — the 25 year old publicist who wrote it is a confused Marxist who sees capitalists as a single coherent mean lot. Two (and more interesting to a sociologist of finance), the ad really needs to be phrased like this to appeal to the insecurities of the bankers. And, to judge from the few guys who signed up, it has probably not done so enough!

  4. danielbeunza Says:

    Actually, I did not need to speculate.

    The automatic links created by the blog (see above) have provided me with the key information about the genius behind this idea. Her name is Brittany Mendenhall, the site is and this is what she writes:

    “Now let me begin by saying this whole concept was my idea after realizing all the men who worked in fashion/entertainment were interested, well in each other. But instead of working on it, I put all my free time (ha!) into this here site. You’re welcome. But it’s actually a very interesting concept.”

    “Women in fashion. Men in finance. Throw in some booze and wallah! You have a mixer. The funny thing is, most men in finance make lots of money but have NO social credibility and/or cool factor. And most women in fashion can get into any event in the country but spend all their money on clothing and maintenance. You make him cool, he makes you rich. Not a bad exchange. But who is going to these things?”

    “Fear not. Finance Meets Fashion, brought to you by Clientique Marketing Group, pre-screens attendees so you can see who is coming, where they work, how much they make, and their photo. The best part is seeing who is rejected because it is really quite sad. But the best of the best are up there: Goldman Sachs, Manolo Blahnik, Citi Group, Versace, JP Morgan, Versace. Sounds like a very very nice crowd.”

  5. Liberty Jet Says:

    Very interesting Idea. If anyone needs a private jet or helicopter to get to any of these events, please contact us at!!

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