January 29, 2009

The house passed Obama’s $819 billion stimulus package without a single vote from a Republican (se NYTimes).  In the press conference following the President’s meeting with business executives at the White House (see video),  Obama reiterates that he is ushering in a new era of ‘responsibility’ in which ever person must make an effort to contribute to economic recovery.

The victory statement, which emphasized action, was an improvement over what Krugman called the “standard we’re-all-at-fault, let’s-get-tough-on-ourselves boilerplate” message at the heart of the inaugural speech. The success of the legislation is, however, as Krugman wryly points out on his blog, an ominous sign of the defeat of bipartisan efforts.

Obama also announced of a website,, designed to let taxpayers oversee the implementation of the recovery plan.  “I know that there are some who are skeptical of the size and scale of this recovery plan”, he said “and I understand that skepticism given what has happened in this town in the past. That’s why this recovery plan will include unprecedented measures that will allow the American people to keep my administration accountable.”

A direct information link between the government and citizens?  Something to keep in mind with regards to the role of technology and new media in the ‘Changing Dynamics of Public Controversy‘…

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  3. danielbeunza Says:

    I am most interested in In the past two days, I’ve had conversations with a leading financial designer, Brad Paley ( and a colleague in the finance department at Columbia, Tano Santos.

    The topic — what type of visualization would the White House or American citizens most need to help them make sense of the economy in the midst of the crisis?

  4. marthapoon Says:

    Good thinking Daniel! I wonder what the team is like behind the scenes? Oh to be a fly on the wall as the controversies over what to post on the rcovery unfold…!

  5. Barbara McGinley Says:

    Let us hope this is the first step in rebuilding confidence and optimism for us all.

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