Emanuel Derman and fellow quants in the New York Times

March 10, 2009

Here’s an interesting article on Emanuel Derman on the New York Times.

2 Responses to “Emanuel Derman and fellow quants in the New York Times”

  1. marthapoon Says:

    I am always intrigued at how modernist epistemology (i.e. math is a model of an independent outside reality) concludes that the crisis is a result of a failure of of adequate communication and risk information.

    It seem to me that the ability to have intensified financial action is the tedious result of there having never been so much communication and circulating information about risk, produced precisely by these ‘quants’.

    Financial action is a form of information facilitated connection. What is regarded as a predictive failure of risk management seems to me instead to be the outcome of the breakdown of quantitatively amplified connectivity…

  2. John Harker Says:

    It is intriguing that the collective brilliant quants in the FS sector such as Derman failed to persuade their bosses that theirn predictive models had identified a potential systemic economic collapse many years in advance.

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