This American Life, ‘Scenes from a Recession’

April 14, 2009

I highly recommend this fascinating episode of This American Life, called ‘Scenes from a Recession’.  It takes perfectly everyday stories and illuminates them in such a way that they are totally plausible; yet, it also captures them in such a way that the everyday takes on an element of the surreal or absurd. The full synopsis is on the website.

Act 1 How high end condo owners are getting in Chicago have been abandoned in impossible financial situations by developers who have left them with substandard buildings. The configuration of events is totally incredible.

Act 2 The covert activities of the FDIC as it takes over small banks.

Act 3 How employees of Circuit City experienced their last days of employment.


One Response to “This American Life, ‘Scenes from a Recession’”

  1. ghofur123 Says:

    I Like This. Thanks My friend

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