Our new guest blogger understands compliance

May 14, 2010

Please join me in welcoming Marc Lenglet as new guest blogger to SocFinance. Marc is assistant professor of Management at the European Business School (EBS) and Chaired Professor of Socially Responsible Corporate Behaviour. He holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the Paris-Dauphine University (2008). Before joining EBS, he worked as an Equities Compliance Officer in a European brokerage house (2006-2009) and as a compliance administrator at Credit Agricole S.A. (2003-2006).

Marc has written about compliance, professional norms and whistleblowing, and published in European journals such as Philosophy of Management, Management & Avenir, and Etudes de Comunication. Here’s some of his work in French. See here for a non-downloadable but exhaustive list.

Yuval and I met Marc in the From Bodies to Black Scholes workshop two years ago, and were very impressed by his comments and his handle on the uniquely financial aspects of compliance in banks. He already wrote a first post on the representational problems of financial markets (see below), and we’re hoping to see many more from him. Welcome!


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