Expanding SocFinance and calling for collaborators

May 17, 2010

Socializing Finance is looking to radically expand its activity, impact and contributor base. We are calling for permanent bloggers, guest bloggers, readers and other collaborators.

The blog has been operating since December 2006. With five-six permanent bloggers and around two postings a week, it has built up three unique interfaces: between academics and finance practitioners, between the US and Europe, and between mainstream sociology and actor-network approaches to economic sociology.

Yuval Millo and I, editors of the blog, would now like to move towards a more ambitious model: double the number of weekly posts, a greater number of comments, and a wider discussion with new perspectives. Bigger, funkier, more diverse. To get there, we have a number of activities and initiatives lined up.

Last week, Marc Lenglet joined us as guest blogger.

This week, Yuval and I are going to be tweetering at the (very promising) Reembedding Finance conference in Paris.

And more to come.

We are now calling for contributors to join us. We would like to see smart people broadly interested in sociological approaches to finance. This can include academics, grad students and finance practitioners such as hedge fund managers, bankers, regulators and corporate officers. In full name or anonymously. From anywhere in the world. For a week, for a month. Or permanently.

To join us or for information, contact us at d.beunza@lse.ac.uk or y.millo@lse.ac.uk


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