Introducing “Links of the Week”

May 29, 2010

Every week starting today, Socializing Finance will post a couple of SSF-readable / related links. This week’s choice is a classical SSF theme, “humans and machines”.

Settlement Day“: reading the future through the development of GSNET. A parody of the ‘rise of the machines’ starring algorithms (among others).

Trading Desk”: If you ever wanted to know how traders use their keyboards in order to release daily tensions at work, this link is for you.

Explaining Market Events“: The preliminary report jointly produced by the CFTC and the SEC on recent events mentioned here.

Me and my Machine“: Automated Trader’s freaky section. This is Geek’s stuff.

Nerds on Wall Street“: A recent (2009) reference with interesting information on algo trading and the development of automated markets.

One Response to “Introducing “Links of the Week””

  1. danielbeunza Says:

    Hey Marc — excellent. the “trading desk” link is particularly funny. i think we need to import these practices into academia.

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