Just out: special issue on Performativity at the Journal of Cultural Economy

July 9, 2010

Via Fabian Muniesa: “Performativity, economics and politics: an overview” Journal of Cultural Economy, vol 3, no. 2, July 2010 Franck Cochoy, Martin Giraudeau and Liz McFall

Here’s the description from the journal:

This special issue of the “Journal of cultural economy”, out this July, explores how theoretical formulations of performativity came, rather late in the day, to take centre-stage in debates about the relations between economies, economics, markets and poltics. If it took a while for Michel Callon’s (1998) observation that “economics does not describe an existing external ‘economy’, but brings that economy into being’ to be recognized as one of the major contributions to economic sociology, the fact remains that Callon was contributing to a debate that had long roots in a well-established – albeit lately re-invigorated by Judith Butler – tradition of linguistic philosophy and critical theory. This issue explores some of the reasons for the distance between philosophical formulations of performativity and its recent uptake within socio-technical studies of markets by bringing together key proponents and critics in an open debate between Judith Butler, Michel Callon, Paul du Gay and Christian Licoppe. These commentators are joined by authors including Timothy Mitchell, Philippe Steiner and Franck Cochoy among others who use empirical settings ranging from oil to human body parts and retail grocery to consider what, if any, relevance the framework has at a time when questions of failure – of knowledge, markets and economies – continue to loom large.


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