Sociology of Finance at the 2010 Academy of Management Conference

August 3, 2010

With its bold new theme, “Dare to Care,” the 2010 Academy of Management Conference is about to start at the end of this week. With titles such as this — which in fact add to previous themes like “Doing Well by Doing Good,” and even “The Questions We Ask” — one would think that it is some spiritual sect, rather than business professors, who are hosting the meeting. It probably speaks to an ethical rearmament going on in MBA curricula.

In any event, this year’s Academy brings a lot more sessions on finance than in the past. Unlike the American Sociological Association, which seems to have coasted through the credit crisis without the slightest dent on its plod-along academic program, business academics seem keen to understand how finance actually works. We congratulate them for the effort.

Hence the point of this post. I am including below a list of the finance sessions that I think are most interesting. It is not exhaustive, but I think it gives the few that are really a must.

And before that, an invitation from Socializing Finance. Yuval and myself, the editors of this blog, would like to invite all management scholars interested in the organizational aspects of finance to join us for drinks. Come and meet us. We will be meeting on Monday 9th at the Lobby lounge of the Montreal Hyatt, from 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm.

The sessions

On to the sessions. For a taste of how top-notch traditional sociology (networks, institutional theory, etc.) can address finance, check out “Sociological Perspectives on the Financial Industry.” Monday 9:45am – 11:15am Le Palais Des Congres: 524C.

For a live version of the debates on performativity that played out this year on the blogosphere, do not miss “Theory, Performativity and Social Reality.” It features our own Yuval Millo, my coauthor Fabrizio Ferraro, and the anti-performativists. With the fortunate addition of Bruce Kogut, whom I hope will play a high-wire balancing act between the two camps. Monday 4:45pm – 6:15pm Le Palais Des Congres: 518B

Now, excuse some self-publicity. In a session titled “Markets and Symbols,” I will be presenting my new work with Fabrizio Ferraro. A paper titled “Retooling the Sustainable Investing Field.” This captures our own take on the performativity debate… but with two years of empirical data across three countries. I was invited to join by Peer Fiss, and the session has heavyweights such as Mitch Abolafia and Ed Zajac. Tuesday, Aug 10 9:45AM – 11:15AM at Le Palais Des Congres in 513F

Ok, and now for the spicy dish of the menu. In “Explaining the Financial Meltdown,” yours truly and other humble souls will see their work examined by star discussant Ezra Zuckerman. Life was easy, in comparison, for Roman gladiators. Featuring Michael Jacobides, who will play double role as organizer and presenter; Sid Winter, who has played an admirable role in pushing economics into post-crisis self-critique; and the straight-talking Giovanni Dosi among others. Tuesday 1:15pm – 2:45pm Le Palais Des Congres: 510A

Last but not least, a session for blog aficionados. I will be discussing this very blog at a session titled “Blogging as a Tool for Bridging Research, Teaching and Practice.” Chris Marquis invited me to this session, and has also invited our fellow bloggers from Orgtheory and Organizations and Markets, Brayden King, Teppo Felin, etc. Saturday, 5:45pm – 7:45pm Le Palais Des Congres: 511C

4 Responses to “Sociology of Finance at the 2010 Academy of Management Conference”

  1. Philip Roscoe Says:

    Daniel – thanks for spending the time going through the programme to make up this list. I shall be a SSF groupie and you’ll be sick of the sight of me.

    The Critical management Studies take on the credit crisis appears in “Non-Economic Dimensions of Financial Meltdown:A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Subterranean Dynamics Meltdown:Daring Without Caring” Saturday, Aug 7 2010 12:30PM – 2:00PM at The Queen Elizabeth in Hochelaga 2. This will be a hardcore PE critique of bankers (the overview includes the word “brazen” so I think we know where we stand) and might be interesting and entertaining.

    Also, on the note of self promotion, Philosophical Ethics and Organizations (Monday, Aug 9 2010 9:45AM – 11:15AM at The Queen Elizabeth in Hochelaga 5) covers some interesting and challenging topics, including my take on how economists play at philosophy when they advocate a market for transplant organs.

  2. danielbeunza Says:

    Philip — these two sessions sound extremely interesting. I highly recommend the “Daring Without Caring” event for actor-network theorists who are looking for marxist arguments about the economy that can be taken down with attention to explanatory symmetry, agency and materiality. Welcome, and see you at the social on Tuesday evening.

  3. […] 6, 2010 I’m now getting ready for the Academy of Management conference. Getting ready, that is, for the strange hotel existence of the conference attendant. […]

  4. I am by no means an expert, but when I have an interest in something I try to do my due dilligence. I get so frustrated that people are so easily brainwashed in other words are non-critical thinkers and then pass around to other non-critical thinkers what they so freely swallow as factual without the research and then spread it as factual.


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