Hooray for SSF!

August 15, 2010

Just got back to my hotel from the SocFinance meet-up here at ASA. In spite of a few hiccups (namely, the bar we attempted to meet at being closed), I would say it was a big success! Topics of discussion included strategies for the blog for the coming year, the very successful panel sessions organized by Yuval MIllo today, and the usefulness of the near legendary performativity debates.

I look forward to keeping up with everyone from the meet-up, and I hope to see everyone again (and anyone who couldn’t make it tonight!) at the blogger party, on Monday at 8:30pm at Max Lager’s on Peachtree!

One Response to “Hooray for SSF!”

  1. teppofelin Says:

    I’m curious, what was the consensus — is debate useful?

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