Post-Doc: Performativity in Business Education, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurial Finance

March 24, 2011

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Job announcement and call for applications

General Information

Position Type: post-doctoral researcher
Duration: 3 years
Salary: 30,000 EUR (gross per year, approx.)
Project Title: Performativity in Business Education, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurial Finance
Principal Investigator: Dr Fabian Muniesa
Host Institution: Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Mines ParisTech / ARMINES, France
Funding: European Research Council, 7th Framework Programme, Grant Number ERC-2010-StG 263529
Number of Positions: 3
Application Period: April 1st 2011 to May 31st 2011

Work Description

The post-doctoral researcher is to work full-time as a researcher for an ERC project titled “Performativity in Business Education, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurial Finance” (PERFORMABUSINESS) under the supervision of Dr Fabian Muniesa. The researcher shall investigate prospective, international-level fieldwork sites, conduct empirical fieldwork, contribute to data management and analysis, produce single authored and co-authored scientific accounts for publication, organize and facilitate scientific-level and industry-level communication events, and participate in the governance of the project.

Candidate Profile

The candidate holds a PhD in Anthropology, Sociology, Management, Political Sciences or in comparable specialities. She or he has experience in social-scientific empirical investigation and in scholarly writing. She or he is able to participate in collective scientific ventures in a creative and productive way. She or he is able to access and investigate empirical sites which are relevant for the project, and possesses relevant skills and background in order to understand the technicalities of the field. She or he has fine language skills in academic English and at least a basic knowledge of French. She or he aims at developing a research career in a direction which is compatible with the project.


The candidate should provide the following documents:

– A cover letter which shall include an explanation of her or his interests and suggestions for her or his own potential contribution to the project in terms of fieldwork sites and research questioning (see project summary below).
– A detailed CV.
– A sample of scholarly work (articles, working papers, contributing chapters and/or PhD dissertation).

Please do transmit this information to the Principal Investigator directly.

Further Information

Dr Fabian Muniesa (PERFORMABUSINESS, Principal Investigator)
Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation
Mines ParisTech
60 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75272 Paris cedex 06 France
Email:    fabian.muniesa (at)
Tel.:    +    Fax:    +

Project Summary

Performativity in Business Education, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurial Finance

The world of business is a world of culture: a world of rituals, artifacts and idioms which is fit for anthropological and sociological analysis. The notion of performativity serves as a useful vehicle to analyze the culture that do characterize business schools, consultancy firms, corporations, investment banks, start-up companies and other sites of business life. This notion refers to performance in the sense of efficacy in the achievement of tasks, but also to the institutive capacities of knowledge and to an idea of practice as acting and staging. This research project seeks at providing sound social-scientific knowledge on the performativity of business through a theoretical clarification of the concept and a set of empirical investigations in three relevant areas. The first area is education in business administration. The project analyses the performativity of the case method of instruction and of similar pedagogical techniques that emphasize singularity, exemplarity and realism in the provision of meaningful and effective narratives. The second area is management consulting. The project analyses the performativity of consultancy missions and management devices, with a focus on the practices of presentation and communication used by consultants in order to construct convincing realities. The third area is entrepreneurial finance. The project analyses the performativity of business models, business plans and business cases in the orientation of investment and financing in entrepreneurial settings. Empirical investigation in all three areas is grounded in a qualitative, case-based approach. The research project aims at generating detailed and original factual evidence of the performativity of business in all three areas, and also at providing a coordinated and rigorous assessment of performativity as problematic reality in today’s risk-oriented global business culture.

A PDF version of this call is available for download here.

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