Primer on the social studies of finance: a short report

August 22, 2011

The recent Academy of Management in San Antonio proved to be every bit as intense as we expected.

This year I was particularly keen on the workshop on the social studies of finance that Yuval and organized. As with any so-called professional development workshop, the point was to provide a point of encounter for sociologists and organization theorists interested in SSF. Last minute changes brought in Fabrizio Ferraro, Joon Nak Choi and Ned Smith into the program, broadening the perspective to include other forms of sociology of finance.

Following the demands from some blog readers, I have uploaded my presentation here (not all presenters wanted theirs uploaded). The presentation was concerned with clarifying the specific nature of the social studies of finance.
– What it is?
– What would be an example of it?
– How do you do social studies of finance?
– A brief summary of the controversy about performativity and the Social Studies of Finance.

To that end, I provided an updated version of the “SSF Manual” that I put together three years ago for the “From Bodies to Black Scholes” workshop at Columbia.

Primer on social studies of finance

As the workshop wound down, it became clear that this deserved being repeated in the following year. Over tex mex lunch in San Antonio’s riverwalk, Yuval, Joon Nak Choi and I we discussed several options going forward. What should the next Academy workshop be about? Whom to include? How to publicize it? Ideas welcome…


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