Conference announcement: Socially Responsible Investments: A Tool for Preventing Future European Sovereign Debt Crises?

October 7, 2011

From Raul Barroso. Here’s an announcement for a conference in HEC Paris this coming October 10th. I’m on the panel of speakers. The sovereign debt crisis and responsible investment are two of my current research streams, but I had not until now thought of them as related. The conference will be drawing those connections.

The Accounting and Control Department and the MSc in Sustainable Development at HEC invite you to a conference:

Socially Responsible Investments:

A Tool for Preventing Future European Sovereign Debt Crises?

HEC Paris

With the participation of

Daniel Beunza
Lecturer, London School of Economics

Olivier Bonnet
Head of SRI, Etablissement de Retraite Additionnelle de la Fonction Publique (ERAFP)

Oliver Rüter
Research Director, Oekom Research AG

October 10th 2011
17h to 19h – Room H303 (Campus Jouy-en-Josas)
The event will be followed by a cocktail and available as podcast on

The conference is open to public: students, academics and professionals are welcomed.

The precarious situation of the sovereign debt market has driven changes in the political agenda of many European countries, often driven by the balance of payment and debt situation of the respective national governments. Analysis of social and environmental sustainability of countries and the related rankings offer a potential alternative to mainstream and dominantly financial analysis of sovereign bonds. The objective of the conference is to explore Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) in a broad sense and the potential role of non-financial criteria in the management of sovereign bonds. Some of the questions to be addressed in this conference are:

– What are the possible relationships between (the lack of) environmental, social and governance sustainability and the current debt crisis?
– Could attention to environmental and social sustainability in the investment process contribute to minimizing the probability and/or risk of future debt crises?
– What are the political and technical barriers to integration of environmental and social factors in the sovereign debt investment processes and products?

Diane-Laure Arjaliès (
Raul Barroso (
Afshin Mehrpouya (


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