Politics of Economization (in French)

December 20, 2011

French-reading blog visitors may be interested in the last Politix special issue on “politiques d’économisation” (“politics of economization”). From the introduction:

“Politics of economization: the expression comes from Michel Foucault’s account of the role of ordoliberal economic theory in the reconstruction of post-war Germany. That’s no clear-cut concept (he just uses it in passing) but renders well the idea that motivates his account: observing situations in which economic frames are promoted as alternatives to political ones. The papers assembled in this special issue tackle these sorts of configurations.”

Of direct connection to the social studies of finances is for example “Marchés efficients, investisseurs libres et États garants : trames du politique dans les pratiques financières professionnelles”, an analysis of fund managers investing in credit derivatives.


One Response to “Politics of Economization (in French)”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Before this special issue, another research had proposed the concept of economization to study the evolution of environmental policies: http://yannickrumpala.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/sur-l%E2%80%99economisation-comme-force-et-comme-tendance/

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