Summer fling with the Financial Times

August 18, 2012

For those of you who are avid readers of the Financial Times you may have noticed my name in tiny print on a fixture called the Wall Street column that runs Tuesday – Sunday on the back page of the ‘Companies & Markets’ section. The piece is a market report that summarizes the day in US equities trading.

Under the tutelage of experienced financial journalists I received my first solo bylines this week in the Friday and Saturday papers. The print edition offers the most polished versions of the column, but the  text can also be found online behind the FT’s paywall.

 New Low for Facebook as US Stocks edge up

“Shares in Facebook fell sharply to a fresh low on Thursday, as a lock-up period that had prevented some shareholders from selling their shares expired.”

 S&P Solidifies Sixth Week of Gains 

“On Friday the S&P 500 solidified its sixth straight week of gains for the summer, but proved unable to break through to its post-crisis high point.”

Wresting the perpetual motion of the markets onto those salmon pink pages was a difficult task but the experience was – in a word – brilliant.


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