Conference announcement: Mediating Markets, Edinburgh March 2013

February 19, 2013

From Desne Masie:

MEDIATING MARKETS | Journalism | Public Relations | Impression Management | Narrative Practice

The role of the media in the stock market is currently a trending topic in academic research in the area of accounting and finance as well as other social sciences, especially in information infrastructures in the sociology of science and technology as well as the new economic sociology of financial markets. Mediating systems such as newspapers, online journalism, literary artefacts, press releases, speech acts and narrative reflexivity are a key legitimising force of financial markets and has been brought from within the heterodox fields of financial economics firmly into the mainstream literature.

The financial crisis and the rise of digital markets have led to the role of media being brought under scrutiny in the academic literature and financial research in particular. This conference explores the role of media, and the core mediating systems in financial markets: journalism, public relations, impression management and narrative practice — particularly with regard to their reifiying, performative and institutionalising function.

University of Edinburgh Business School 22 March 2013 for rsvp and info contact Desné Masie or Twitter: @DesneMasie
registration and information in the url below
And another conference by the same organizer:
This international conference looks at cutting-edge research, opinion and analysis from leading academics, economists, practitioners and journalists of Africa to provide a snapshot of the hottest issues on the continent today. Bringing together interdisciplinary approaches to refigure the debate in investment, politics and development Africa Redux asserts that the continent’s complexity demands a nuanced understanding of the factors that influence its economic climate. This has become especially urgent in light of the Africa Rising narrative, and the new financial geographies created by capital flows following the financial crisis, as well as instability in the Sahel and North Africa. 
University of Edinburgh Business School 21 March 2013 for rsvp and info contact Desné Masie africaredux2013@gmail.comor Twitter @AfricaRedux1
registration and information in the url below

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