ASA award to The Politics of Crowds!

August 27, 2014

Christian Borch, professor at Copenhagen Business School, has been awarded a prize from the ASA’s theory section for his excellent work in The Politics of Crowds (Cambridge, 2013). The book traces the changing relationship between crowds and rationality within 19th Century sociology.

Christian reminds us that long before ‘ask the audience’ was a useful lifeline on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, crowds were considered to be a destructive, contagious and irrational force that could threaten social order. To get a taste for the history, you can check out an early article where he argues that the “re-description of crowd behaviour in rational terms” obliterated “almost every distinguishing trait that the crowd possessed according to 19th-century semantics” (see European Journal of Social Theory, 2006).

Since completing the book, Christian has launched a research colloquium to explore ‘Crowd Dynamics and Financial Markets’. If you can’t make it to Copenhagen, the website for the initiative is an interesting resource where you can learn more about some of the work-in-progress on finance across Europe.  

On November 24-25, the group will host a special workshop on ‘High-frequency trading sociality, crowd psychology and dynamic collectives‘. Abstracts no longer than 500 words should be submitted to Ann-Christina Lange ( by September 30 2014.

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