Call for papers: Critical Geographies of the Finance-Security Nexus

December 24, 2015

From John Morris:

Call for Papers: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016, London, 31 August – 2 September 2016

Critical Geographies of the Finance-Security Nexus


John Morris, University College London
Mariana Santos, Durham University

Session Overview

This session is aimed broadly at scholars interested in the entwinements between financial and security discourses, techniques, devices, subjects, etc.

If nexus thinking is concerned with ‘interdependencies, tensions and trade-offs’ we attempt to focus on one particular nexus-  that which has been suggested between finance and security. A focus on the finance-security nexus opens a window to a variety of sub-disciplines within geography, as well as interdisciplinary conversations (See Martin 2007; Dillon 2008; Aitken 2011; Lobo-Guerrero 2011;  Amoore 2011; Boy, Burgess and Leander 2011; de Goede 2010, 2012; Langley 2013a/b, 2014; Boy 2015;  Lagna 2015).
Whilst ‘Finance’ and ‘Security’ may at first seem to be distinct and separable domains, both historical record and contemporary life serve to illustrate the interconnections between the two.   Political geographers have attended to the risk scoring techniques that operate in border-control (Amoore 2013) or the imposition of economic sanctions such as freezing of terrorist assets (de Goede 2012). For scholars of Global Political Economy, the interaction of finance and security has been discerned in the creation of sovereign debt for the financing of war (Ferguson 2002) but equally the securitization of such sovereign bonds in the context of modern statecraft (Lagna 2015).  To take a more overtly cultural perspective, financial and security logics can be extrapolated from a range of practices traditionally seen as being either divorced from, or simply beyond, the financial such as ‘medicine, grammar, music ‘ and dance (Martin 2015).

We turn to geographers to contribute to the study of finance and security in diverse and illuminating ways. We are very open to proposals and abstracts and are happy to discuss potential submissions with authors. Some suggested areas are:

•       Genealogies of Financial and Security discourses
•       Neoliberalism and the age of Crisis
•       Cultural/political economies of securitization and speculation
•       Technologies of financial and data security
•       Financial Innovation as security technique.
•       Financialization of territory and nature
•       The links between finance and governance structures and techniques.
•       Financial logics and considerations of migration.
•       Personal insecurity, vulnerability and indebtedness.
•       The Precarity of Everyday life
•       Financialization and War, militarization of finance?
•       Affective politics of security
•       Securing bodies, embodying security

Please send enquiries or abstracts of  up to 250 words to both and  The deadline for abstract submissions will be 10th February 2016.


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