Call for Papers: Young Scholars Workshop on Finance in Bremen

April 15, 2016

The research group “Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance” at the University of Bremen (Germany) has launched a CfP for the young scholars workshop “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Finance” taking place 21-23 September in Bremen. The purpose of this workshop is to understand the complexities of global finance and to discuss the merit of interdisciplinary approaches to studying finance. The group wants to bring together junior scholars, PhD students as well as Post‐docs, and Junior Professors, with an interest in interdisciplinary exchange, that are conducting empirical research on all aspects of global finance. Moreover, the workshop seeks to identify common themes (empirical and methodological) as well as promising theoretical approaches across disciplines to come to a more encompassing understanding of global finance as a social and political phenomenon. Paper proposals are due on 20 May 2016. Find out more here:

2 Responses to “Call for Papers: Young Scholars Workshop on Finance in Bremen”

  1. scotjames066 Says:

    Will post this on my Facebook so more people can contribute…

  2. i am going to share this … okay i already did on my google plus.

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