Looking for a Graduate Student Assistant in the Social Studies of Finance

May 20, 2019

In the current context of financialization, automation and political turbulence, the Social Studies of Finance holds a unique potential to illuminate contemporary economic and societal challenges. The classic research of MacKenzie, Callon, Knorr Cetina, Preda and Zaloom revealed the hidden relationships between the technical and the economic on Wall Street, but this work now needs to be critically broadened and reexamined against a context of political turmoil, insufficient financial reform, and the growing disruption posed by digital technologies.

Following my arrival at the Faculty of Management at Cass Business School this past September 2018, I am looking to hire an Assistant for the coming months to work with me in the  Social Studies of Finance. The tasks entailed in the position include assistance in elaborating grant applications such as Leverhulme Fellowships, British Academy fellowships. It also entails assisting in assembling databases, organizing events, as well as communicating the findings of my research, including: (1) an ethnographic revisit of a Wall Street trading floor, (2) an analysis of the intermediary effects of securities analysts, (3) research in the growing field of responsible investment, including ESG factors and shareholder engagement, and (4) a grounded theory analysis of bank culture in the UK.

As part of the position, the candidate will come into contact with cutting-edge ideas in a vibrant academic field, meet world-leading academics, be part of field-building activities, and join in the excitement of dissecting and understanding financial capitalism from one of its global centers.

The candidate will ideally be a PhD student in sociology, management, or related discipline; be somewhat familiar with the sociology of finance literature as well as science studies and economic sociology, and based in London or near enough to be available to meet in person once every two weeks in my office at Cass Business School in Central London. Excellent writing skills are required. Strength in qualitative research methods is necessary. Good knowledge of economics and economic models (e.g., undergraduate courses in economics) would be a plus. The engagement is for five hours a week, at a City University Grade 5 Spine Point 33, which amounts to a rate of GBP 19.92 per hour.

The appointment is open-ended (subject to funding availability), starting in June 2019. To be considered, please send an email with a cover letter and  CV to Daniel.beunza@city.ac.uk

One Response to “Looking for a Graduate Student Assistant in the Social Studies of Finance”

  1. Camille Stewart Says:

    Thank you for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!


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