Alison Kemper is Research Officer at the AIC Institute for Corporate Citizenship and a PhD candidate at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Her doctoral work focuses on the evolving relationship between business and society.

She has been working in non-profits for nearly 20 years. She began her career in fundraising, moved on to ordained ministry, and then switched into working with immigrant women, where she worked for 8 years. After a brief stint as the administrative director of Greenpeace Canada, she moved to The 519, where she has been the Executive Director since 1992.

Alison combines a keen interest in non-profit management with a fierce and determined role as advocate. She believes that advocacy makes the best bureaucracy. She co-chairs the City Council’s Advisory Committee on Homeless and Socially Isolated Persons. Her position allows her to pursue interests in diverse anti-poverty and human rights concerns.

Alison is best known as “K” for her supporting role in “K and B”, the successful charter challenge adoption case and as one of the applicants in Halpern v. Toronto which resulted in the granting of marriage licenses to same sex couples in Ontario.


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