Marc Lenglet is assistant professor in the Management and Strategy department at the European Business School (Paris). Marc graduated from ESSEC Business School (2004) and received a PhD in management from Paris-Dauphine University (2008). Having interests in phenomenology and anthropology, his research focuses on the dissemination of norms within practices, financial objects (such as trading algorithms) and financial ‘things’ (such as liquidity). His doctoral thesis describes how compliance officers working within financial intermediaries manage the shift from generic normative texts (rules and regulations) to specific practical contexts (market situations). Some of his works can be found here and there.

3 Responses to “Lenglet, Marc”

  1. Eric Zencey Says:

    I ran across the Socializing Finance blog and thought that the blog might be interested in re-posting some of my work. You don’t seem to have a central organizer/editor; true?

    My work has focused lately on the mistaken idea systems that are widely shared in the world of finance. A recent example:

  2. danielbeunza Says:

    Hi Eric, we do have a central editor, and that is me. I’ve read your post and enjoyed it, but this blog is about the sociology of finance.

    Thanks for checking with us, and best of luck.


  3. […] chapter by Marc Lenglet on compliance officers shows how their apparently technical job in practice allows them to navigate […]

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