I wrote to S&P to get a hold of a 2 page 2002 commentary titled “Proprietary Scoring: A Revolution in Modeling Residential-Mortgage Risk”.  Here’s an excerpt of the price list they sent me:

Press Releases address the facts about announcements or rating changes and are usually no more than a page. Cost: $100 USD

Summary Analyses/Research Updates list the current rating and provides a brief synopsis of the rationalebehind the rating. This is usually about a page. Cost: $175 USD

Recovery Reports provide information on what the recovery analysis would be in a simulated default scenarioand provide a transaction summary. Cost: $175 USD

Full Analyses are more in-depth, addressing the reasoning for the rating as well as providing more information about the issuer itself. Cost: $400 USD

Commentaries usually address general topics within a given industry or region. Cost $500 USD

Information wants to be free. If S&P has anything to say about it, it also wants to be prohibitively expensive!