Some notes from Disneyland (aka the Academy of Management conference)

August 13, 2008

First time for me at the AoM and it was quite an experience. So, a few initial, quick notes from the poolside in Anaheim.

Daniel and I took part in a session titled Market Devices, which was (apart from a blatant promotion of a book with the same title), actually a very good session. More about this session in a separate post. That session, by the way, was not the best session I attended. In my opinion, the best session was “Financial Markets: an economic sociology perspective”: a set of diverse, but very nice papers, followed by a cracking discussion and comments from Ed Zajac. Again, I will post more about this session later on.

What else? Oh, yeah. We had a little poolside SSF get-together where many of the accomplices in this blog had beers with decent civilians. Among which were representatives of our older brother blog – org theoryBrayden King and Teppo Felin.

3 Responses to “Some notes from Disneyland (aka the Academy of Management conference)”

  1. Alison Says:

    Agreed. The “Financial Markets: an economic sociology perspective” session was staggeringly good.

    But your session was quite stimulating as well.

    I would like to see some cross overs next year.

  2. yuvalmillo Says:

    Yes, the session that Daniel, Klaus Weber and Dan Gruber arranged was very good. Bruce Kogut’s comments were very good. Review will come after the weekend

  3. anxious Says:

    After which weekend?

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